M.I.T. RIPCORD BASS CABLESPossibly the best passive bass cable ever made and certainly one of the most unusual.  They were frightfully expensive but now are discontinued and Music Interface Technologies is selling off their inventory at a more modest price.   I use and recommend these cables, especially for passive pickups as that is where they show the most improvement in tone.  Frightening clarity that beats any cable I've ever used including Monster Bass cables, Planet Waves, Elixir, Fender Platinum, Lava, custom Mogami or custom Canare.  Get them while you still can since M.I.T. got out of the instrument cable business to concentrate on recording studio and high end audiophile wiring.  Skywalker Ranch is wired with M.I.T. audio cables for example.  (If you think these bass cables are expensive, check out their audiophile speaker cables.  This is patented proprietary technology that nobody else ever will have.  If you play a passive bass, this is the single biggest improvement you can make!)    These cables do rarely show up on eBay.  I have an "eBay Saved Search" for them.  So maybe we'll be bidding against each other.  Their speaker cab cables are also the BOMB.

Bayou Audio Cables - Butch Ammons builds all types of instrument cables, microphone cables, bridging speaker cables, RCA patch cables, Alembic Series cables and other specialty cables.  He no longer takes custom orders.  His cable business is now part-time.

Stompin' Ground - Professional custom designed pedal board cases and pedal cables.  Their standard length pedal cables are first rate at a very good price.  I use their cables in my amp rack. 

Lava Cable - High quality cable system for pedalboards, plus you can select your custom cable from a huge selection of the very best names including the ultra high end Zaolla cable that is being used by more and more recording bassists.

Pro Cables & Sound - Custom quality cables with a fast turnaround.  You can select what brand cable, what color cable and what connectors are used!  You can even specify the color of the shrink wrap! 

Italia Straps - Best bass strap I've ever used!  I can't afford $500 to $1500 custom straps.  Maybe you can.  Even if you can afford an $800 custom strap,  maybe you should still try one of the Italia straps.  I own three of their 4 inchers.  I strongly recommend their straps because they are classy, practical and guaranteed forever!  Things I like about Italia straps in no particular order:  A - Suede backing for stability.  If you have a bass with a neck-dive issue, a top quality 4 inch strap with suede backing with cure it.  B - Amazing quality materials like you see from nobody else in the price class and even some that cost $100 to $200 more.   C - Italia offers a wide assortment of colors.  D -  While there is a choice of basic length class they are all still adjustable for several inches.  E -  So soft and yet so thick and  heavy duty that strap locks are NOT required at all!  Once an Italia strap is on, it is not coming off unless the screws fall out of the strap button or you take it off on purpose.   In fact Schaller/Fender strap locks won't work with an Italia strap because the leather is so thick!  But don't worry, because as I said you don't need strap locks with an Italia strap in the first place!   F - No metal or plastic parts to rub against the finish therefore you don't have to ever take them off ever meaning you can leave them on in the case or gig bag which speeds up setup and makes it far less likely you'll have left a strap somewhere you shouldn't have!  G - For a custom made product they deliver very quickly, usually within 3 weeks.  H - Made by hand in California USA.  That is a lot to like from a company I've done business with on THREE separate orders.  An Italia strap is probably one of the most practical luxuries a bassist can afford themselves and yet the value is so good that it just makes sense to splurge on one or more of them.  Sometimes they run "Buy One-Get One Free Specials" and also they frequently sell on eBay so you can avoid paying full price if you can be patient.  Try one of the 4 inchers and I think you'll be hooked and want to replace all your straps.  I know I was.  Repeating for the hard of hearing:  "BEST BASS STRAP I'VE EVER USED!"

Longhorn Leathers - Custom straps since 1993.  Really nice.

Guit Strapped - Each strap is a one-of-a-kind custom work of art.

Tuki Covers - Enough protection for anything short of a real tour.  Very cool product made in Charleston, SC USA!  The best slip covers bar none.  Excellent to protect against minor bumps.  A thick foamy cover that I've used on larger combos such as the Ampeg 200R.  Really responsive company and they are in my old hometown!  Go Bulldogs and go Cougars!

B S Covers - Conventional looking slip covers for amps & cabs made of an unconventional material that is far more durable than the overpriced plastic covers the mainline amp makers sell for about the same cost.    It is more like a GIG BAG cover for your amp than the thin vinyl amp covers you are accustomed to.  A huge selection at a reasonable price and they combine shipping!   On October 1, 2009 I ordered one for my tiny Line 6 Studio 110 rehearsal  amp and one for my son the 6 string player to use on his Vox guitar amp which often rides in the back of an open pickup truck.   The two covers arrived October 23rd one day ahead of my son's birthday.  Very good covers embroidered tastefully with the amp model it fits, which is handy when two or more amp covers are tossed in the same corner at rehearsal.  While in no regard a road case, they will protect against the elements and minor bumps between your car and the gig, or from dust at home during "rest" periods and they won't crack up in super cold weather like factory original covers do either.  They deliver very good custom made covers for cheap.   You should anticipate a minimum three week wait, after all these covers are custom made to order.  They sell covers on eBay too, but if ordering more than one you'll save money with the combined shipping deal on orders placed through their website.  Just don't be in a big hurry and you'll get a really decent amp cover that outperforms the flimsy plastic mainline covers at about the same price!



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