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          Welcome to BrotherDave.Com.  I am David Vasser, known as Brother Dave to my friends both in and out of music and broadcasting in the southeastern USA.  This site was conceived as a resource to consult when you need help finding something online related to electric bass.  The goal is to point  you in the right direction! 

            Finding information online has made playing bass more pleasurable, educational and successful for me.  These online resources have been a tremendous help to me over the past 14 years!  The Internet opened a new world to me as a player.  I've collected a lot of bass related data and links over the years.  Back in 1968 when I joined my first band you had to network with other bassists in person, pay a professional instructor or figure out on your own what the bassists playing on hit recordings were doing on the latest songs.  You also had to take a chance that the gear you were buying was the right gear for you and your needs.  Today multiple review sites enable a player to be much better informed.   

          Now a description of what each menu item above will lead you to at BrotherDave.Com:

HOME: This page.   The portal to all the website content.  Not everyone will enter the site from this page, especially when coming from online search engines or links from other websites, blogs and forums.  All main pages are accessible from the main menu at the top right of every page and are described below.   

RESOURCES:  The most valuable page on the site with links of interest primarily to Electric Bassists.  I think you'll probably want to bookmark the Resources page.  I've been collecting web data on Electric Bass and guitar related sites since 1998.  I'll put it all here.  If you know of a good resource I've somehow missed please send it to me for review by visiting the Contact page.   

GEAR:  On this page you will see the gear I'm either currently using or have used in the past and comments on each.  Gear I want to try, gear that was modified and how I modified it will go here too.  Sometimes I'll run across some really nice bass for sale.  LINKS to a special page for each person with classic gear for sale will also go here.  If you are a private individual and have classic, collectible bass gear for sale, contact us about creating a page for your item.  This page is currently under construction.

HISTORY:  This is where I'll reflect on my personal history which of course is still a work in progress and I hope remains so for MANY years to come.

LINKS:  If you have a music oriented website, I'll trade links with you!  A link to your site would go on this page.  Bands, luthiers, studios, venues and music gear manufacturers are welcome to submit links for consideration. 

CONTACT:  How to reach me by email for routine questions and comments.  Also if you have something really urgent, how to phone me is included here.  Also my postal address is there.   

ADDENDUM PAGES:  These are lower level pages which are accessible from the other main pages that do not appear on the main menu.  All addendum pages contain a link to get back to HOME.  Addendum pages contain special features or information.  There are so many addendum pages there is not room for all of them on the main menu.  

          More pages will be added later!   I have decided against adding a forum as there are already several excellent bass related forums.  However a blog is not out of the question.

          The site is a work in progress and content is being continually added.  We aren't doing this to make money, but to help our brother and sister bassists.  While we'd like to see the site at least break even, it has been a money-pit.  However, I've gotten so much help over the past 40 years from so many people that I feel a compulsion to "pay it forward" to others, so the site will go on.  I truly hope this site is a help to you and that you will come to feel that can depend on the site to provide you with useful information.  

If you would like to support this site in it's mission to provide a centralized location for electric bass information, the only way to do that is to click on the banner ads on this site and buy something.  So when you are shopping around for gear online, please remember to visit here and click the banners to go to top reputable dealers. 

Thanks again for visiting.  Thump on!